I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the following in the WLS community.
I’m not an addict!”
Addiction is for drugs or alcohol!”

Here’s the thing, folks.
You did not get to your pre-surgery weight by NOT having a food addiction of some kind.
That’s not a pretty reality to face, is it?

We can sit and justify our pre-surgery weight – health issues, being the main scapegoat – but here’s the reality of the situation:

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy was made famous with his “you might be a redneck” joke bit.
Let’s take that bit, and turn it towards our topic today.

you’ve ever hidden food from your children so they won’t eat it before you
you’ve ever eaten leftover food off of your children/spouse’s plate while you were cleaning up
you’ve stood at the stove/counter eating a food
you’ve purposefully hidden your eating habits
you couldn’t get a food off of your mind
you plan your day around when/what you can/will eat
you’ve been on more than one diet
you’ve ordered more than one meal at a drive through – for yourself
you make excuses for the foods you eat
you’ve ever uttered the words, “I don’t drink water because I can’t stomach it plain”
you’ve ever uttered the words, “I don’t eat vegetables/meat/fish/*insert whatever food group here* because I can’t tolerate them”
you try to include your family members into your eating plan even though they don’t have any health or food issues
you tell people you’re ________ intolerant even though you’ve never seen a doctor about it
you eat past your full point regularly
you eat when you’re not hungry
you obsess over how much fat, calories, or carbs are in a food
you obsess over calorie, carb, or fat counting
you obsess over your weight 
you obsess over ANYTHING dealing with food or diets

Any of these sound familiar?
If you can relate to any of the above – YOU MIGHT BE AN ADDICT
I wonder how many of you are reading this, shaking your heads.
“No, that’s not what it means at all!” you might be saying.
I know. I said that once too.
But understand this:
Every time you do one of the above actions, you are hurting yourself.
Every time you do one of the above actions, you are taking one step farther into addiction!!
Yes, even after surgery!
WLS was a TOOL to help us recover from our addictions. It was not a cure-all pill. It was never intended to be the thing that “gets you well”. It’s just one tool in a huge bag of tricks that we need to pull from ever single day in order to live happy and healthy lives.

If you relate to any of these things. If you read any of the above things and you said, “Wow. I do that!” I want to encourage you right now to seek help.
Find a good WLS support group in your area, join Overeater’s Anonymous or Food Addicts Anonymous, and/or find a good book such as Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst or Shades of Hope by Tennie McCarty.

Yes. Food addiction IS a thing.
I know from experience.

Hi. I’m Jennifer.
I am recovering from Binge Eating Disorder, Orthorexia (diet obession), Sugar Addiction, Fat Addiction, Salt Addiction, Alcohol Addiction and Nicotine Addiction.

What addictions do you live with? Name it and claim it in the comments below!

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