By: Suzette
When I began my WLS journey it was to lose weight I had been carrying around for 40 years. It was to get of unwanted meds and to be able to exercise or just walk without being winded or in pain. All those things have come true! I’m now 158 pounds released ! Yes, released to never come back.

Now you say, “how do you know it will never come back”? Many of you obsess about losing, gaining and re-losing. You still haven’t grasped the fact that there is more to life than food!

There is a whole world out there!

Yep, ziplining, hiking, shopping, seeing people and laughing … food may be there as a necessity to fuel the engine, but it is not about the food! It is about long term health and happiness!

One of the things that brought this to me in a hard hitting way is that we have our 16 year old grandson living with us this summer. He is everything I was before WLS. He eats for comfort, for joy, for boredom and he thinks he is hungry all the time. In reality he is a 6 ft tall, 265 pound lazy kid! Yep, I said it! Lazy! If he is not listening to his “tunes” laying on his bed, he is setting 2 ft from a TV playing a video game! Does this sound familiar to any of you parents out there!

We have been getting him moving, ie slowly, sweaty, and protesting, but moving! Mowing the lawn and learning to run a weed eater. This summer has been good for growing grass everywhere. My husband, has tried to keep him occupied working on equipment and feeding the cattle. These things do not take all day but they are more exercise than this child has ever had. He “thinks” he must have food or drink in hand all the time!

The sad thing is that this was something that I did not do, even though I was obese. I walked 2-4 miles a day, worked in the field hoeing the crops, (not all my life, only as a teen) then as an adult I had a busy life. Working full time and part time, house full of children and still taking time for housework and hobbies. Then cooking was done to feed the herd! It just had to be filling and a whole lot of food. Now, I realize that even if I have the obese gene, I could have done things differently for my kids.

So, I’m trying to do things different with the grandson. I’m trying to break his habit of eating until the fridge is empty. Eating what could be his lunch for the next day. Eating for comfort, boredom and obviously his personal joy. I’m trying to impress on him that there is more to life than food.

In doing this, I have also realized that without knowing what I was doing I have learned the lesson myself. Yes, I do cook, I enjoy writing recipes and I enjoy having people eat my food. The thing I have learned is that if I am left alone, I don’t need a big meal. I can survive on the same thing everyday for a week. If it is a hamburger patty, sliced tomatoes and lettuce, it doesn’t matter, it is not about the food, it is about nourishment for my mind, body and soul. Yes, nourishment!

Nourishment is not about eating until you hurt! Nourishment is not about overwhelming your mind with too much TV. Nourishment is giving your body what it needs to function properly. Nourishment is helping your mind be able to relax and rest. Nourishment is reaching out to whatever you believe in for contentment. Mine just happens to be my Lord and Savior. Your’s may be something else, that is why it is your journey.

Learning that I am not always in control of every situation is another step in learning to nourish rather than feed my body, mind and soul. I am learning to step back and pray or meditate on a regular basis. This gives me a moment to let myself relax and look at things from a different perspective.

Whatever you chose to use to nourish yourself remember it is not about the food! It is about becoming a whole healthy loving human.