Jen’s VSG Surgiversary: Five Years and Counting

It was five years ago today that I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery for weight loss. When I went in that morning I weighed 285 lbs. I was 35 lbs. down from my highest weight of 310. I decided to undergo WLS because I had spent two years on weight watchers maintaining and […]

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Four Years Later … What Worked, and What Didn’t

By Jen

It’s been four years since my VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy).
I’ll never forget the day of my surgery. My friend (well … my friend NOW, then she was a stranger LOL!) put these bright yellow socks on my feet. They had smiley faces on them. I still have those socks. I’m wearing them […]

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Life After WLS – What Can I Eat??

One question I see all the time, forum after forum, group after group is the question, “What can I eat after bariatric surgery?”

And, boy, do I wish that was a simple answer.

Sadly, the answer is FAR from simple.

You see, the answer will vary with doctors, nutritionists, and even from surgery to surgery.
What people with […]

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Wordful Wednesday: Addiction and the Art of Denial

By Jen:

Addiction is a funny thing, it is.
Sometimes it makes you want more.
Sometimes it makes you want to throw things out the window and scream.
And sometimes … Sometimes it hides away in the folds of your psyche and likes to pretend it’s not there.
And when this happens we can forget it’s there.
Or […]

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A Living Sacrifice

1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Do you not know that your body is a temple to the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own, you were bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your body.”
Our bodies are a temple. We were created with one focus in […]

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My Obsession and Why 7 Bites is So Hard For Me

By: Jen

One of the things I’ve been reflecting on in the light of the new year is the sheer lack of “work” I’ve done on this blog or on 7 Bites in general. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ll post for a while, then stop. Or I’ll be gung-ho in writing and posting recipes […]

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Motivational Monday! It’s OK To Throw It Away!!

By Jennifer

“Clean your plate!”
How many times did you hear that as a child?
Or this, “You’re not getting any desert until you eat everything!”
How many kids are being made to feel like that have to eat everything in front of them in order to be rewarded?
This is a parenting practice that I’m firmly against (but that’s […]

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Motivational Monday: Quitters Never Win!

By Jennifer

Staring at this computer screen, listening to Matt Redman serenade me with 10,000 Reasons, my heart is so full. I am so very blessed.

I have a story to tell.
A few weeks ago, well actually a few months ago, I decided I was going to quit doing 7 Bites. It wasn’t going anywhere, I thought. […]

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Who Am I?

I am not who I think I am.
I am not my fat.
I am not my flaws.
I am not everything that is wrong with me.
I am not my surgery.
I am not my weight loss.
I am not every diet fad I’ve found lately.
I am not my children.
I am not my spouse.
I am not all the things I […]

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