Sue’s Mock-A-Roni Salad

This colorful and healthy dish is a crowd-pleaser! In one version we add salami and two colors of bell pepper. This can be made so many different ways, use your imagination and make it colorful and tasty!

1 head of Cauliflower (choose the size you like we used a large one)
1 bell pepper of […]

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Sue’s Cauli Mac and Cheese

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This is another favorite. The sauce seems complicated, but is really very simple – you just toss it all into the pan and let it go until it’s all melted and” SO SILKY” (as Sue would say!) By the way, this recipe also works great with broccoli! And the cheese […]

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Jen’s Cauli-Tatos

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This is one of our #1 most requested recipes! This low-carb stand-by gets a bit of a makeover to up the protein and give over-the-top flavor! For a portion control trick, mix a couple of eggs in and bake in mini-muffin tin’s to keep that 2 T of starch portion in check! […]

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