Avocado Mousse

This recipe is for the adventurous, but is really rich and deeply chocolatey! This is also a great one for those that are clean-eating or paleo (substitutions for these lifestyles are offered in the ingredients section!)


3 ripened avocados (to tell if they’re ripe, give them a tiny squeeze. They should give just slightly. […]

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

This is a favorite from our local Mexican restaurant. The owner was kind enough to give us the recipe. We modified it slightly to make it more bariatric friendly. We have two versions here – the full recipe and a single-serve version!

Full Recipe:
1 pound shrimp – any size
1 quart of tomato juice with clam […]

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Jen’s Avacado Salad with Shrimp

This is a great summer salad! The way it is now, it would be a side dish. Add more shrimp or other protein and it makes a great main course! **TIP** If you don’t like cilantro or onion, feel free to leave them out! The recipe is still a great one!

Juice of 1 […]

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