This Week’s Goals and Meal Plan (WITH BONUS RECIPES)!

Goals are SO important! In every stage of life – personal, fitness, eating, business. Without them, we’re just flying by the seat of our pants. And for someone who lives with food addiction and has had surgery to help them treat that … well, that can be a dangerous slippery slope. 

I thought this week that I’d […]

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My Whole 30 Journey, Week 1 Meal Plan and Shopping List for WLS

When I decided that I was going to go 30 days with “no junk” I honestly never imagined the response I would get! I know that regain is a HUGE issue in the WLS community. In fact, there are more people who experience regain than who lose all their weight and keep it off. But […]

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Jen’s VSG Surgiversary: Five Years and Counting

It was five years ago today that I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery for weight loss. When I went in that morning I weighed 285 lbs. I was 35 lbs. down from my highest weight of 310. I decided to undergo WLS because I had spent two years on weight watchers maintaining and […]

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Five Second Year WLS “Rules” That Nobody Told You

Weight loss surgery has become the norm, these days, with hundreds of thousands of obese men and women going under the knife to undergo one of the most significant medical moments of their life. Doctors will tell you how things should go the first year, but rarely tell us what is beyond the first 12 […]

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I Should Have Stopped At ONE!!!

I should have stopped at one …
How many times have we said THIS in our lives.
Not just after surgery, but before as well.

Last night … I had a bit of a binge.
It wasn’t a HUGE binge – at least not by normal-sized-tummy people. But for a someone with a banana tummy … it was a […]

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Post- WLS Blog: Gonna Have to Face It, You’re Addicted to … Diets ..?

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a DIET ADDICT.
There. I said it. I am as, if not more, addicted to dieting than I am to food.
I am always looking for the “next best thing” that will get me to lose this regain and get me down to goal.
I am always searching for that […]

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Jen’s Life Update!

By Jennifer


Oh my WORD my world is changing right and left!
So many good things are happening, but good things bring change and shifts.
So, here’s what’s going on …
We’ve (my family and I) have moved.
It’s only across town, but any move is a huge change.
Packing, unpacking, cleaning, moving … it’s EXHAUSTING!
But it’s a good thing!
Our home […]

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March Challenge! TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!

Are you getting enough vitamins in?
Did you know that most of us don’t?
WLS patients tend to forget their vitamins after a while, and some stop taking them altogether!

What is the recommended dose? 

1-2 Chewable Multivitamins a day
1 B-complex PLUS 1 B12 supplement
Iron, Vitamin C and Calcium, if you are deficient
(PLEASE note – take […]

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February’s Challenge! Self-Care

This month’s challenge is a toughie for a lot of us.
Let’s face it – we didn’t get to the point of needing WLS by practicing self-care.
One of my favorite quotes comes from motivational speaker Eleanor Brownn:
“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
We spend so much time taking care of everything else […]

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How The “Body-Positive Movement” Looks In the WLS World

There’s a huge movement going on right now in the world, and that’s the “Body-Positive” or “Body Acceptance” movement. One of the things that people first think about with this movement is that it’s a “fat acceptance” movement, but the reality is, it isn’t. It’s an anti-shaming movement meant to bring awareness and positivity to […]

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