Best. Soup. Ever. Period.

8 medium potatoes about 2 – 2 ½ pounds
2 leeks – cut into pieces
1- 12-16 ounce package of smoked bacon
1 (2 cups ) pint whole cream
1- 32 ounce box of chicken broth or stock
½ pound of good cheddar cheese ( I used New York Cheddar)
Salt and pepper to taste

Peel and cup potatoes into dice, place in a large saucepan and cover with broth or stock. (make sure you just cover the potatoes you will not be draining the potatoes)

Cut the leeks lengthwise then chop into bite size pieces. Place the leeks into a large bowl filled with cold water and swish around to help remove sand that may be hidden in the layers of leek. Allow the sand to settle to the bottom of the bowl then lift the leeks out and allow to drain in a strainer.

Saute the bacon in a large skillet. When the bacon is browned remove from the bacon drippings and allow to drain on a paper towel. Place the drained leeks into the bacon drippings and saute until tender, set aside.

When the potatoes are fork tender add the leeks to the potatoes and broth allow to continue to simmer. Chop the bacon into small bites size pieces. Add it to the potato leek mixture continuing to simmer. Measure the cream adding it slowly to the potato leek mixture.
Grate the cheddar cheese and mix into the soup letting it melt before serving.

To serve as a pureed or full liquids meal, transfer soup by the cupful into a personal blender, blender, or food processor. Pulse to puree. Tranfer to 1/2 C sized storage containers to freeze.