Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a DIET ADDICT.
There. I said it. I am as, if not more, addicted to dieting than I am to food.
I am always looking for the “next best thing” that will get me to lose this regain and get me down to goal.
I am always searching for that “magic WOE (way of eating)” that will make me the skinny person I know I can be!
Oh … dear … when did I get so far off course like that???

Let’s face it – most of us are diet addicts.
Don’t believe me?
How many diets were you on prior to your weight loss surgery?
It’s okay … I’ll wait …

That many, huh?
See my point?

Me? I think I was on a good 42 diets.
At least.
Some very well known, some more obscure.
From strict vegan to strict carnivore and everything in between.
Diets that no one had even HEARD of.
Diets so obscure that people actually accused me of making them up!
And I’m still not quite over that addiction yet.
My most recent “diet” that I’ve been on is the Ketogenic diet.
Now, let me tell you, the Ketogenic diet IS NOT A BAD DIET.
In fact, it’s a WONDERFUL eating plan – especially for those with autoimmune disease and/or diabetes.
But … It’s just too low-carb for my body.
I went into it with the mind set that I was FINALLY going to find “the one thing” that would get me THIN! Once and for all!
The first week, I felt like crap. I lost one pound.
The second week, I felt like crap. I lost a half a pound.
Then I “cheated” – and ate carbs … I lost two pounds.
Also … My body did something amazing.
I started feeling better.
NOT because I was feeding my carb addiction. But because I was listening to my body and feeding it what it needed.
Yummy seasonal veggies, real butter, more protein …
Higher carbs and protein than the Ketogenic diet allows.

When it comes to life after WLS, we have two choices: we can SURVIVE or we can THRIVE.
To SURVIVE – means we merely exist. We walk, we talk, we get up in the morning, we eat, we go about our day …
We don’t necessarily feel our best. We don’t have tons of energy. We might even have digestive issues.
But THRIVING – is completely different.
We feel amazing. We have energy. We laugh. We live. We have regular trips to the bathroom …

So … Here I go again.
Same story, same journey, different day.
Sometimes it really does feel as though I’m walking in circles.
But I know that one day I’ll get there.
I’m closer now than I was!

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