image courtesy Jennifer DeMoss Copyright 2015 for 7 Bites
By Jennifer DeMoss

The caterpillar starts out small, weak, and a little defenseless. It’s not the best looking of God’s creatures, and often causes people (especially gardeners) to roll their eyes in distaste. But then, one day, the caterpillar listens to God’s direction and decides to make a change. It goes into a new home for a time and stays there, resting, reflecting, being still, and listening. When it’s ready, it emerges from its chrysalis a new creation.

We are all in different stages of our journeys. Some of us are still caterpillars, not yet ready to enter that stage of change. Some of us are in our chrysalis, changing day by day. And some of us have gotten our wings and have taken flight!

Are you a caterpillar, a chrysalis or a butterfly?
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