Are you getting enough vitamins in?
Did you know that most of us don’t?
WLS patients tend to forget their vitamins after a while, and some stop taking them altogether!

What is the recommended dose? 

1-2 Chewable Multivitamins a day
1 B-complex PLUS 1 B12 supplement
Iron, Vitamin C and Calcium, if you are deficient
(PLEASE note – take Iron and Calcium SEPARATE from each other!)

Other ways to get your vitamins in?

Eat TONS of fruits and vegetables!
Did you know that Dr. Matthew Weiner actually suggests to his bariatric patients that they eat AT LEAST a pound of fruits and veggies a day?
If that seems daunting, try starting by planning to add one bariatric (1/2 C) serving of fruit or veggies to every meal.

If you are still on liquids, ask your doctor or nutritionist about adding spinach, kale, blueberries, or peaches to your smoothies (using a personal blender or extractor and straining after preperation).


So, let’s do this together!