One of the things I love the most about Facebook is the “On This Day” app. Have you seen it? It takes you back through years of Facebook that you’ve done on your page. I love seeing old pictures of my kids, fun events we went to, life events, that kind of thing. And every once in a while, a post pops up from my Bariatric Surgery journey. Here recently, I’ve been noticing more and more the posts that pop up from when I was at my lowest weight. I remember when I was at 190ish (between 185 and 195) I felt amazing. I had amazing energy. I was happier (not  because of my weight, but because my eating caused my depression to alleviate). And, honestly, I looked pretty darn good. Admittedly, I would look at myself and wish that I was at goal (165-170). But for the most part, I was pretty happy with where I was at and what I was doing.

And then ….

I started spending a lot of time on bariatric forums and facebook groups. I started seeing all these people that were at – or beyond – goal. They were sitting at 160, 150, 120 … And I was still sitting above 180. Now, keep in mind, that 180 is NOT an unhealthy weight. If you are eating to nourish your body, drinking water, and moving – weight is inconsequential. I was at a healthy weight for myself. But I wasn’t satisfied.

So … I started looking for the next diet.
Yes. DIET. Not life-long plan, not a way of eating that would be healthy and sustainable – but an actual diet. I started looking at completely restrictive eating plans – ketogenic, vegan, raw, etc … And I started practicing them. But I would eat that way for about a week or so … then get tired of it.
Then someone told me that certain foods were okay to eat and that I shouldn’t restrict ANY food group …
And I took that philosophy and ran with it.

I ended up regaining close to 40 lbs.

I started eating sugar, bread, crackers, chips, and all kinds of foods that, in actuality, are triggers for me.
Are these bad foods? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Food cannot be either good or bad. Food is not human – it doesn’t have emotions, therefore it’s incapable of having good or bad tendencies.
That being said … My body reacts badly to these foods. One of those reactions is that once I start eating them, I have a hard time stopping.
Something that’s interesting – I have a hard time digesting lactose. Milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, and most cheese make me completely miserable. So, I don’t eat them. I don’t find it hard to cut out dairy in my life, because my body reacts poorly to it.
So why is it so hard to put down other foods that my body doesn’t react well to?
I have an addiction to sugar. I have an addiction to salty foods. I have an addiction to fried foods.
Because I know these are addictions, I know that I need to eliminate these addictions.
The only way to do that, for me, is to have a plan.

So, my plan is to eliminate all of these addictive foods from my diet.
So, for the entire month of August, I will be participating in the Whole 30 Challenge.
I am doing some modifications for a Bariatric Eating Plan (mainly portions, but I will also be eliminating white potatoes, as these are one of my addictive foods – I will also be allowing butter as ghee is impossible to find around here. Oh, and bacon. I will be eating bacon. Because… dude … bacon …).
In a nutshell, for 30 days I will be eating no sugar, no grains, no legumes (beans and peanuts – I also found that peanuts cause me some digestive issues).
Whole foods only. REAL food only.
Mainly … meat, veggies, and some fruits (I’m not a huge fruit eater, so I probably won’t eat much of it).
I want to stress something – THIS IS NOT A DIET.
I am not planning on this being a temporary fix. Rather, I will likely stick with this plan at an 80-90% capacity for the rest of my life. Not to continue to lose weight, but just because I feel better when I eat like this.
In a way, this will be returning to the basics – Protein first, veggies second, starches last.
In a way, this will be returning to the Bariatric Plan that helped me lose the first 100 lbs.

I will post my weekly menus for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner starting THIS SUNDAY for those that are interested (if I use any of our recipes, I’ll be sure to link to them!).
I will also post weekly updates.
My first post (THIS SUNDAY) will also include my current measurements (weight, bust, waist, hips, etc…), which I will update after the first 30 days.
I am also thinking about doing some new WLS Update videos, so if you’re interested in that, leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey! I look forward to seeing where I go from here!

<3 Jen <3