By Suzette

Many times we get caught up in social media sites that have recipes for every kind of food that a bariatric patient can eat.  Some are very insightful, and some recipes are barely acceptable.  One of the things I try to keep in mind when writing recipes is that “it is not all about the food”.

The feelings of comfort are something most of us look for in our food choices.  Food must look pretty, smell good and taste exceptional.  Lately I have learned that for some taste of food is so important that they will refuse to eat anything if it is not in their “pleasure zone”.

I guess trying something has never been a problem for me.  I will taste or cook almost everything at least once.  Living in the country my husband often brings home critters that he wants to try.  Often it is a one time shot. That is enough!  It is kind of fun to cook duck, squirrel, or some fish he catches.  There are times when I just can’t cook it.  That is what I think is my alarm going off that I know I’m not in my pleasure zone.

Being in that “pleasure zone” can also be our downfall!  I have heard bariatric patients say something like, “my surgery did not work for me” … in other words it was not in their “pleasure zone” and it was hard.  They had to eat pureed food, or drink liquids for a longer period than they feel comfortable.   I saw this week on one social media site where a patient was beginning their liquid diet prior to surgery and one day in had already “had to have real food”.  REALLY!!!  Then why in the heck are you going to the expense, time and pain of having surgery if you are not going to follow the program???? This is one of those things that drives me totally NUTZ!!!

Changing your thinking and life are far more important than what goes into your already over expanded tummy!  How are you ever going to live with restriction if you can’t make it a couple of weeks on liquids?   These folks really need to understand that they have and addiction and it cannot be fixed with a magic bullet!  This is where our thinking has to change……it cannot be all about the food, it must be about a new life without obesity hanging over our every thought and movement.

Harsh? may be, but isn’t it harsher to fail?  I want all our readers to be successful.  YES, we all have issues, YES, we all can and do fall off the program, the strong will help the weak and together we can all succeed.  That is what support is all about.  I may not know you today but you can bet when I make a connection with you I won’t forget you and will reach out to you for support.  And that support works both ways.  I will be your support if you will be mine.  Never give up on yourself and I will never give up on you.

Remember our weight loss journey is not all about the food.  It is about becoming the person hidden within.  Good luck to everyone and send us your epiphany story, what happened in your life to make you want a change.