photo courtesy Jennifer DeMoss copyright 2015 for 7 Bites
By Suzette Munson

The old saying is that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the sign of insanity.

Now, I’m not saying my friends are insane … but I question their reality and motives …
The word “DIET” makes me cringe … and this spring I’m hearing it a lot from friends and family that are trying out the latest “diet” program. It is if you buy into this program you save money (on overpriced products) and as long as you follow the plan, you lose weight. Sound familiar?

You bet, I have bought into this kind of thinking and struggles and yoyo lost and gained for the last 45 years! Finally with my weight loss surgery I have learned that it is all about lifestyle eating and my mental hang ups about food rather than the latest fad!!

I have learned that I am addicted to certain foods (white carbohydrates), I have trigger foods, and there are foods that make me physically ill that I had not recognized because all the goofy stuff I was putting into my body was masking allergies and intolerance that were working against my health.

Having had an epiphany, my life began to change. I’m able to get my allergies to certain foods in check, I have maintained my initial weight loss of 151 pounds and I am learning to “eat to live” instead of “living to eat”.

Finding out that I can eat in a group and not have the carbs and still be satisfied has been the biggest challenge. I don’t have to try everything on a buffet, I don’t have to take a taste of everyone’s dishes at at pot luck, and I can still have fun and feel good about myself.

How have I come to this conclusion? I don’t go to group fellowships that have lots of food to eat……I go to visit, talk, and have fun….I have tried to mentally remove myself from thinking I have to eat everywhere I go.

In the South it is a tradition that if someone comes to your house you offer food and drink. SOOO I have always thought that food was the most important part of that equation. It is not. I offer a bottle of water or power drink and leave it at that unless they are overnight guests. I have taken the focus in my home off the food.

Yes, I do still cook, I create recipes, and I blog about restaurants –  but the focus in MY LIFE is not the food It has become the experience, the creation, the beauty of being with friends and family, and not the eating of the food itself.

I have always loved self help books but they have to hold my interest and not be so strict in their directions that I find that are unattainable, but books that speak to me on a personal level. For the last few weeks Jennifer and I have been reading “Shades of Hope” by Tennie McCarty. Tennie is a certified addiction specialist with experience in treating food addictions. You may say, I’m not addicted to anything, but think of this, if you eat the something and say “I love this” and buy it everytime you go to the store and have to steal a bite on the way home you are probably addicted to that food.

It can be a soda pop, chips, cookies, anything that fills your mouth and gives you a sense of comfort, you are probably addicted.

Look at it this way, spend your money on yourself by teaching yourself to eat better, live better and understand your life and body better. I’m not saying all my friends are addicted to anything…..I’m just saying try reading this book and saying that you are in total control of your eating habits and don’t need any of its suggestions!

I bet you can’t get through the first chapter without beginning to self evaluate!!!

Just my thoughts, please feel free to leave me your comments and ideas on how to change your own eating habits.