I should have stopped at one …
How many times have we said THIS in our lives.
Not just after surgery, but before as well.

Last night … I had a bit of a binge.
It wasn’t a HUGE binge – at least not by normal-sized-tummy people. But for a someone with a banana tummy … it was a pretty big binge.
2 egg rolls and 1/2 a small (cheap) frozen pizza.
It all fit on my tiny plate, just fine.
But …
I was satisfied after the first egg roll. I could have been completely done and would have been completely fine. I might have been hungry a couple of hours later, but I could have gone back for more then.
But … I kept eating. And eating.
And eventually …

I was bloated, uncomfortable, sluggish, and within an hour was in the bathroom throwing it all up.
A little TMI?
Maybe …

Here’s the thing … We THINK that as time goes on, our mindset will change completely.
It can … And it does … IF we put in the work and the time and the effort.
Some of us have to become complete and utter “food Nazi’s” in order to cope.
Some of us never quite get there.
The key to all of this is … balance.
There HAS to be a balance for this to be emotionally and physically sustainable.
Because when we have the “all-in or all-out” mentality, we can sabotage ourselves.
That’s what I believe happened to me.
I had an “all-in” mentality for two weeks – eating NOTHING but meat and fat and a very scant amount of veggies (VERY scant).
I was completely depriving myself – even from some good, healthy foods, because I had to make sure I kept that carb count at 20.
When you deprive yourself THAT much … for THAT long …
Well … You can see by my own story the possible results.

Are there certain foods we should avoid?
Sugar, refined wheat products, processed-pre-packaged meals … These are foods that aren’t nutritionally valuable to anyone, really. They spike insulin, give us a “high” and then crash us out.

But … we should enjoy – veggies, fruits, lean and fatty meats, real butter, olive oil, whole grains (in moderation) … And have a “treat” (including real sugar, sometimes) on occasion – OUR birthday, OUR anniversary, etc.

And … And I know I sound like a broken record beating a dead horse (overkill on the cliches, anyone??) … But LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.
Eat slow. When your body is done … IT WILL TELL YOU. Then listen. And remember that you can always go back for more later if you get hungry again. Or you can put it up and eat it again for breakfast or lunch. If your body tells you to, STOP AT ONE.

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