By Suzette

This is a phrase we use with the granddaughter when she was just beginning to walk and get into everything.  I applies to our lifestyles just like it worked for the baby.

Right after having WLS we all take baby steps toward relearning to eat and make many missteps along the way.

Do you remember your first solid food and how you craved the first bite of steak and forgot to chew long enough to make it digest comfortably?  These are the baby steps to which  I’m referring.

I remember flying to Florida 10 days after my surgery.  I was so tired of pureed food and had just started soft chewable food.  I landed in Charlotte, NC and had a two hour layover.  I did not want another bite of tuna or cottage cheese so I splurged!  Yep, I went to a restaurant that specialized in crab cakes! I got the appetizer for one, 4 little balls of golden crab cake.  They were tender in the center and I did break them open and eat the middle but later that afternoon!!! Well, you know the drill!  I couldn’t throw up!  I was stuck between to huge men on  the airplane!  Well, my nausea med kicked in and relaxed my tummy but I learned a valuable lesson.

When food looks good and I know I’m not supposed to eat it I stop and think, Change Your Mind, Change Your Direction.

This applies today to cookies, chips and other delectable that just don’t work for me.  I have to think before I eat.

I read an article about “mindless eating” and realize that eating by rote is one of the worst habits we have.  We have to eat 5 times a day to get all the protein in and drink or sip constantly to get the liquids in for the first few months.  Today, I don’t eat but 3 times a day with 1 snack but I am 2 ½ years out.  I couldn’t do this a year ago and feel confident in getting in my protein.  Today I have the routine down pretty pat.

If you are struggling with getting the protein in and thinking you eat and drink all the time, relax it will level out.

If you have those days where you are frustrated with yourself because you fell off your program, believe me you can get back on just as easy as you fall off.  Don’t let your emotions over take your common sense.  Change Your Mind ! Change Your Direction!

Don’t keep your old thoughts about diets and exercise.  Change Your Mind….find a lifestyle program that is high protein and low carb.  Change your Direction….learn to cook, learn to portion, learn to love movement, and learn to love the new you!