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Who We Are

Suzette Muncon

Suzette Munson is a retired entrepreneur and homemaker. She lives on a farm with her husband, dog (Pete) and several cows. She had the lap-band surgery in 2004, and had a revision to the gastric sleeve in 2012. She has lost a total of over 145 lbs and reached her goal weight in 2014. Sue focuses on batch cooking, fun baking re-do’s, and making complicated recipes easier for the novice cook.

Jennifer DeMoss

Jennifer DeMoss is a busy stay at home mom, blogger, food photographer, and home cook. She lives in a small 100-year old house with her husband, 4 children, and two dogs. She had the gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 and has lost a total of 100 lbs. She focuses on simple, quick, and easy recipes that are great for anyone from singles to families.

What Is 7 Bites?

We are not doctors or nutritionists.

We are just a couple of people who have been there and want to help others be successful in their WLS journeys.

It’s an eating philosophy ingrained in the brains of many bariatric patients.

The idea is that we eat around 7 bites with each meal: 4 Protein, 2 Vegetable, 1 starch.

Then we wait for a few minutes. If we’re still hungry, we go back for more protein (usually 3 more bite’s worth). By this point (up to 10 bites) we should start feeling fullness (aka “restriction”) and should stop eating.

This is the philosophy we’ve based our show around!

Our show is the first completely bariatric-friendly web-based cooking series (that we know of). We focus on good, wholesome food that is not only high in protein, but high in flavor and fun! Our aim is to be able to feed the entire family, and still stay within our dietary needs. We are in our 4th season right now!

Breaking the Chains: A Guide to Bariatric Surgery Now Available!

Breaking the Chains; A Guide to Bariatric Surgery

Breaking the Chains; A Guide to Bariatric Surgery

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